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Penny Card

There is a story behind the penny Card. 1st of all my dear friend is Jim (the retired CIBC Vice President) he’s very sick so I used my Master Painting Skills to painted his house for sale this May 2020. After the paint job Jim (the owner) said to me "I have a gift for you...I have some uncirculated 1964 pennies, they are yours, you've earned them." "They are down stairs in 2 cloth sacks near the Ping Pong table". I didn't think much of this until I went downstairs. In the 2 Sacks, never opened since 1964, direct from the Canadian Mint were 12,000 pennies, 6000 in each cloth sack. There were 84 LBS of shiny new Canadian Pennies - these sacks were LEAD sealed (with the words Ottawa stamped in the lead) with hemp rope.

So I say to myself “I see a marketing opportunity here” Then I search the world to look for a Company that makes a Business Card that holds a coin - I found only 1 Company in India. I didn't want to send $1000 USA & get ripped off.

I do have a (his name is ) friend in India (he’s stuck there due to Covid) so I reached out to him & asked him to research this company because we all know things can happen. He (Skaye) asked me to send him the Name of the Company & the Postal Address. Keep in mind India is a very large place & I really didn't know where his (Skaye's) feet landed. Guess what, his feet landed 9 minutes away from the Company that creates the COIN HOLDER - see for yourself.

As a Spiritual seeker I realized there is NO such thing as a coincidence so now I practice meditation & manifestation on a spiritual really does work, that what's is at work here.

Cheers & enjoy your penny card. Now lets network together - when you give your Personal Penny Card away to a Potential Seller I will immediatley replace it with another. 


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